Liquid Twist Penetrant Lube

Stoner® A195 Liquid Twist Penetrant Lube is a multi-purpose industrial strength shop tool which penetrates most metal surfaces. Liquid Twist Penetrant Lube penetrates between close tolerance parts to quickly dissolve and loosen rust, corrosion, dirt, paint, varnish and scale. As it penetrates into the tightest areas, it frees stuck or frozen parts for easy removal and smooth operation. This industrial strength lube also leaves a very thin coating to help protect metals from moisture, oxidation, and future seizing.

A195 Liquid Twist Penetrant Lube ADVANTAGES:

  • Penetrates into the tightest areas
  • Loosens tight nuts, bolts, pins, bearings, slides, and parts
  • Removes dust, dirt, and oxides
  • Protect metals from moisture and oxidation
Product Data Sheet: MSDS:

Price: HKD 44.69