Thermoset Mold Release

M714 Stoner Thermoset Mold Release doesn't contain silicone, so parts can be decorated / painted. Also, it's cost effective.



  • Time-saving, anti-stick lubricant for reinforced thermosets and filament winding
  • Contains no silicones or oils
  • Eliminates the need for paste waxes
  • Ready to use – no need for dilution
  • Allows molded parts to be painted, hot stamped, or otherwise decorated
  • Saves time – allows parts to remove quickly and easily from molds
  • Improves part appearance and reduces defects caused by sticking
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents such as methylene chloride or trichloroethylene
  • Excellent adhesion to mold surfaces
  • Good for filament winding and compression molding



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