No-Wash™ Wax Pattern Release (aerosol)

Stoner® E333 No Wash Pattern Release is specially formulated as a non-silicone release agent for a wax patterns used in the investment casting process. The formula eliminates the pattern washing operation. After molding, your wax patterns can go d...


No-Wash™ Wax Pattern Release (spray tank)

Allows you to eliminate the time-consuming steps of cleaning and etching wax patterns. With E333, you can go directly from your wax molding machines to primary slurry dipping. You'll save time, labor and the cost of purchasing and disposing of exp...


Wax Pattern Release (aerosol)

Stoner® E412 Wax Pattern Release has been formulated as a release agent for a wax patterns used in the investment casting process. Provides fast, easy, consistent removal of patterns, even with the most intricate design. Compatible with soluble wa...


Wax Pattern Release (spray tank)

E412 is an economical, non-flammable mold coating that provides fast, easy, consistent removal of even the most intricate wax patterns. It produces a very light, dry mist coating which reduces over-application and buildup on molds. Just one coat y...


Sprayer & Hose Kits for Spray Tanks

Disposable or refillable spray tanks are available.

• Magnetic mount lets you stick sprayer to the tank or your machine.

• 10 foot hose extends your range.

• Easy to hold and spray.

Individual components and replacement parts available...


Citrus Pattern Wash

Cleans and etches wax patterns, eliminating silicone, fingerprints, dust and contaminants which can cause imperfections. This highly-dilutable, water-based cleaner is available in 5-gallon and 55-gallon units. Made from extract of citrus fruits. L...


PolyOff™ Mold & Tool Cleaner

Powerful, time-saving formula cleans molds and tools with ease. Completely removes cured polyurethane, mold release, and other build-up from tooling, molds, and machinery. Use only on steel, aluminum and other metal tooling.


Nix Stix™ Mold Release

Nix StixLO-582 is an effective water-based release especially formulated to allow excellent coverage and easy release for cast urethane parts. Ideal for mold temperatures over 200°F and in situations where solvents are unacceptable.





Thermoset Mold Release

M714 Stoner Thermoset Mold Release doesn't contain silicone, so parts can be decorated / painted. Also, it's cost effective.



  • Time-saving, anti-stick lubricant for reinforced thermosets and filament winding
  • Contains no silicones o...