Long Term Rust Preventive

Stoner® A590 Long Term Rust Preventive is a long term coating used as a mold protectant against rust and oxidation for 12 plus months protection.
A590 prevents rust and corrosion from ruining exposed steel and stored metals for extended time periods.
A590 has a built-in acid neutralizer that retards the effects of mild acids, alkalies, and fingerprints.
A590 has a built-in tracing dye to save time by allowing you to visually check coverage.
A590 adheres to metal surfaces such as molds, tooling and slides without running.

•Prevents oxidation and corrosion.
•Built-in acid neutralizer.
•Contains tracing dye.
•Adheres to sufaces without running.
•Prevent rust and corrosion up to 12 months.

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