Medium Term Rust Preventive

Stoner® A592 Medium Term Rust Preventive is a medium term coating used as a mold protectant against rust and oxidation for several weeks protection.
A592 seals out dampness and prevents rust and corrosion by leaving a microfilm coating of rust preventive.
A592 has a built-in acid neutralizer that retards the effects of mild acids, alkalies, and fingerprints.
A592 is ideal for molds needing protection for several weeks between use.
A592 is a penetrating lubricant that loosens frozen parts due to rust and corrosion. It also removes light rust buildup.

•Prevents oxidation and corrosion.
•Built-in acid neutralizer.
•Protection for several weeks.
•Penetrates and loosens parts that are frozen due to rust or corrosion and removes light rust.

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