KantStik® Cure Fast 1.0

KantStik® Cure Fast 1.0 is our second generation, fast curing, three coat semi-permanent release system that combines the sealer and release agent into one product.   KantStik® Cure Fast 1.0 will effectively seal the pores on both new and reconditioned tooling while also providing multiple releases when fabricating with thermoset resins, all with ONLY THREE APPLICATION COATS.


KantStik® Cure Fast 1.0 ADVANTAGES:

  • Uses our second generation “Dry Film Lubrication Technology”
  • Sealer and release agent are incorporated into one product for one-step application
  • Withstands high molding temperatures in excess of 800º F (427º C)
  • High gloss finish with no material transfer to parts
  • High slip with no pre-release
  • Contains no Silicone
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