XK-22 LV.5 Mold Release

Stoner® XK-22 LV.5 Mold Release is a unique, highly effective semi-permanent mold release, representing a significant step forward in release technology for the composite industry. It combines fast cure with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance. It gives a smooth, continuous fi lm with unmatched adhesion to the mold.


Stoner® XK-22 LV.5 Mold Release ADVANTAGES:

  • Non-silicone, non-contaminating release surface.
  • Operates easily above 850°F.
  • Tough, abrasion resistant fi lm.
  • Cures at ambient temperatures.
  • Excellent adhesion to mold surfaces.
  • Can be applied by wiping or brushing on.
  • No need to wipe off after applying.
  • Stable resin solution - good shelf life
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