Spinmax Spinneret Lube

This products has been specifically formulated to lubricate spinneret dies when extruding synthetic fibers. Permits smooth spinneret operation, makes scrapes faster and easier, and improves spinneret performance by providing long lasting lubrication, even when die temperatures exceed 600.contains a high-quality. heat stable lubricant that will not vaporize, oxidize, or bum-off during spinneret operation. Use before start-up of die to prevent hang-ups and residue build-up

This spinneret lubricant uses advanced aerosol propellant technology to provide optimum performance without using flammable solvents or propellants. Contains no chlorinated solvents or environmentally harmful chlorofluorocarbon solvents or propellants. No reporting is required under section 313 of US EPA SARA title III. Non-flammable aerosol.

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Price: HKD 193.72