CUT™ Non-Chlorinated Mold Cleaner

93234 CUT non-chlorinated cleaner is a powerful, fast acting, non-CFC, precision cleaner and degreaser that removes grease, oils, waxes, inks, tars and silicone oils from tools, equipment, molds, metal parts, and more.


CUT dissolves and flushes away most release agents from metal molds. Always test before using on plastics or solvent sensitive materials. Cleans and prepares molds prior to application of rust preventives.

CUT was developed as an alternative to chlorinated solvents for precision cleaning. Contains no chlorinated solvents such as 1,1,1 trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, or methylene chloride. Contains no Class I (CFC) or Class II (HCFC) ozone depleting substances.

CUT contains powerful cleaning agents to remove grease, oil, carbon deposits, tar, gum, dirt, wax, ink, silicones, adhesives and more. Quick evaporating. Dries fast and leaves no residue.

CUT won't harm metals and other solvent resistant materials. Always test before using. Removes finger marks and displaces moisture. For high temperature use or applications requiring a non-flammable cleaner, try Stoner A497 Non-flammable Cleaner Degreaser.


CUT has many useful applications in the molding, and general fabrication industries. Industrial uses include cleaning molds, tools, machinery, metals, equipment, and more.

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Price: HKD 33.98