XC-33M Mold Release

Stoner® G483 XC-33 Fluorochemicalis a semi-permanent, non-silicone release designed to exhibit outstanding release characteristics with no transfer.  XC-33 Release Agent is supplied as a water dilutable emulsion which allows for a thin, uniform release film to be deposited on a wide variety of substrates.  This low-odor release is ideal for compression molded silicone rubber and more.

G483 XC-33 Fluorochemical ADVANTAGES:

  • Saves time – lets you remove molded parts from molds quickly and easily
  • Consistently clean releases produce less scrap and greater first quality output
  • Low build-up for more parts between mold cleanings
  • May be diluted with water for maximum cost efficiency
  • Safe for your workers and end-users, XC-33 is listed under FDA Sec. 21 CFR 176.170 (a) (5) – safe for use in selected food contact items and non-hazardous forshipping
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents such as 1,1,1 trichloroethane or methylene chloride
  • Colorless and non-staining


Currently Unavailable in Hong Kong

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